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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manage quotations, invoices, inventories, and stock from an all-in-one software platform?

Most small and medium-sized businesses suffer from a lack of proper management of their purchase order (PO), quotations, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes/packing slip, inventory, and stock. The required staff to hire such operations will either cause a business unnecessary expenses, delay the overall management of inventory and stock due to human error, or perhaps worse, cause the business to fail if not taken care of in a timely and orderly manner.

This same issue can worsen when more than one business is involved, each needing to have its own invoicing system, plus additional management for stock and inventory!

All of this could be changed with a simple and and easy to use software that call handle purchase order (PO), quotations, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes/packing slips, inventories, stock and that is designed to cater multiple businesses at the same time.

With such a system, you could handle multiple system checks with ease, such as creating purchase order, receiving payment, scheduling recurring invoices, creating credit notes, packing lists, and more!

Xin Inventory Software - The All-In-One Solution for Your Business!

Xin Inventory Software is a comprehensive, smart and all-inclusive productivity management solution system for today’s needs. With an increased emphasis on having a paperless approach to reduce the burden on the environment, software inventory and invoicing solutions are the next step, and Xin Inventory Software is at the peak of this revolution. In addition to it’s environmental benefits, the outstanding solutions this software provides for businesses have convinced many to switch over.

Let’s Check Out Some of the Amazing Features of This Inventory Management Software...

Complete Control of Inventory

Never worry about losing control of your stock. With Xin Inventory Software’s on–the-dot reorder point alert and inventory management system, your stock will always be up-to-date. The software automatically detects when a new order is needed, and immediately performs its job. You will have full control of all purchase orders and have the confidence and trust to concentrate on other business needs while Xin Inventory Software does its job in the background.

Invoicing With Professional And Customizable Templates!

The software’s built-in professional templates will lay out the groundwork for you so you won’t have to worry about losing time with document creation. You can easily upload your company or business logo and customize purchase order (PO), invoices, quotations or estimation, credit notes, delivery notes/packing slips, customer statement layout, and more. You can also create new templates from scratch to match your needs or edit existing ones in a breeze.

Timely Customer Payments!

Xin Inventory Software is built for ease of use and productivity. There is nothing more important to a company than its system for customer payments. A secure way to track timely payments is important for a business to flourish. Xin Inventory Software lets you track customer payment status to guarantee that payments are made on time!

Not only will it secure your payment system, it has a built-in support to process multiple tax rates, such as the regional State Sales Tax (US), GST (Australia, New Zealand, Canada), and VAT (UK, South Africa). It also has an option to define your own tax rate making it a simple and burden-free tax calculation system.

Generate Reports You Wish!

The software’s reporting feature allows you to render reports that are up-to-date and available in different formats for your ease. Choose the summarized or detailed layout option for company sales reports, customer payment reports, or sales charts.

This feature is powerful enough to help you manage and ascertain the company’s future as you easily browse the through the data and plan ahead.

Security at Its Best!

You will never have to worry about forgetting invoices, stock, or inventory. The software will do the job for you as it backs up all your data securely with options to convert it into multiple formats of your choice such as PDF, Excel, HTML, and more! In addition, we created this software so that all the data is password protected so you will never have to worry about sharing important purchase or inventory files with strangers or workers.

Multi Language Support!

Xin Inventory software 1.0 come with English version, Spanish Version, Chinese Version, Malay Version, Slovenian Version, Slovak Version and Japanese Version. Customer can request to add more language if able to provide the translation.


• Create Quotation
• Create Invoice
• Create Invoice import from quotation
• Copy Quotation
• Copy Invoice
• Receive payment
• Create Credit Note
• Create Delivery Note
• Create Purchase Order
• Export Quotation & Invoice to PDF format
• Choose Quotation & Invoice professional template
• Fully customizable template
• Email & Fax
• Change Quotation, Invoice, Credit Note, Delivery note, Purchase Order & Statement template
• Quotation, Invoice, Credit Note, Delivery note, Purchase Order & Statement support different language
• Upload signature for Invoice & Quotation
• Customer database
• Generate Customer statement
• Quotation & Invoice database
• Change company settings & logo
• Support multiple companies
• Support multiple Tax
• Support multiple Tax Formula
• Change Invoice & Quotation Reference code
• Search by Date range, customer & reference code
• Create Sales Person
• Database backup
• Inventory management
• Stock Control management
• Export raw data to Excel
• Password protection
• Fully Customizatble Report
• Standard Report
    • Customer list
    • Invoice Status report
    • Payment Received report
    • Inventory popularity report
    • Sales by Customer summary
    • Sales by Invoice summary
    • Sales by Inventory category summary
    • Sales by Customer
    • Sales Profit
    • Sales by Month
    • Sales by sales person
    • Sales by Inventory
    • Unpaid Invoice
    • Overdue Invoice
    • Profit by Customer
    • Profit by Month
    • PO Order Status
    • Pending Received
    • Re-Order Inventory
& more ..

PO Template

PO Template PO Template PO Template
Download PDF Format Download PDF Format Download PDF Format
PO Template PO Template PO Template
Download PDF Format Download PDF Format Download PDF Format
PO Template
Download PDF Format    
Download Xin Inventory Sample Quotation HERE

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