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  • Powerhandling, Belgium
    Raf Penders Powerhandling, Belgium

    This software is unique in its features and flexibility. The service is quick and accurate. After searching the web for a few years, I finally found what I was looking for. I will start promoting XinInventory in Belgium very shortly.

  • Clean Line, United State
    Clean Line, United State Mario Pintp

    The product It's easy to use I'm love how on minutes you can setup my inventory and start making invoices thanks guys great product

  • MATIZA InforTech Centre, Zambia
    Moses Nyanga MATIZA InforTech Centre, Zambia

    I just want to express my happiness at the satisfaction I have had from the Xinvoice and the Xinventory trial applications. They are both not only very user-friendly but are also very helpful with the range or reports one can produce! They are both great products.I have already recommended both to some of my business associates.

  • Emko Elektronik, Turkey
    Emko Elektronik, Turkey Tumay Karaver

    It is a great product for small businesses. It can really decrease your paper work substantially and save you a lot of precious time. In the beginning, you might think it is not suitable for your company, however after playing with the templates and creating new ones customized for your company, you will see it is definitely worth to purchase this product and integrate it to your system. The greatest of all is the technical support. We had a problem with the database for multiple users. It was a very complicated and intimidating problem. However, the tech guy spent two days to solve our problem. And this happened before we even purchased the product during the trial period. Overall, considering its very reasonable price it is very effective solution to reduce the time spent on paper work.

  • Unique Woodworking Ltd. Trinidad W.I, Trinidad and Tobago
    D. D. Solomon Unique Woodworking Ltd. Trinidad W.I, Trinidad and Tobago

    Xin IT support was very prompt with answering my emails and was able to resolve my issue. Xin Inventory 2.0 is also the friendliest inventory software I have stumbled across for small to medium size businesses. I am very happy with this software, as I am with the IT support, very friendly and efficient. Good Job. I recommend this to anyone.

  • Xinfa International Ltd, Hong Kong
    Xinfa International Ltd, Hong Kong Stephen Lam

    It is quite useful and helpful for our company because we are operating Xin Inventory 2.0 network version. There are very powerful template for us to create own design. Especially Thanks to Xin on-line support.

  • Nexedge Technology (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
    Mohamad Nizam Sapie Nexedge Technology (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

    Xin Inventory 2.0 is so user-friendly and price very reasonable. No more messy to track of all documents and reporting system is very useful. Thank You Guys for built this program.

  • Kris Aero Services Pvt Ltd, India
    Kris Aero Services Pvt Ltd, India Juggal Kapadia

    THE XIN Inventory 2.0 is a perfect software for small to medium size company looking for billing and inventory management. The feature to modify templates works very well to your advantage once you learn how to play around. It covers almost every feature you want except that a web based login for using the software and your database over cloud would make this software hard to beat by any other. Also it has been well priced for the multi user logins. I would recommend Xin without a doubt also for their email support where the solution would be in your Inbox within few hours. Great job XIN .

  • Empire UPVC Group, UK
    Wayne Eyre Empire UPVC Group, UK

    Thank you so much for your help in getting the software installed on one of our computers we would recommend your software to our clients without a doubt we will be looking at upgrading our licenses in the near future to accommodate more staff, thanks for the support cant fault it at all Thank you a very satisfied customer.

  • Changzhou Junda Forging & Casting Co., Ltd., China
    Changzhou Junda Forging & Casting Co., Ltd., China Fisher Chen

    Yes, The Xin inventory 2.0 is very easy and helpful for small business enterprises.

  • GIS Innovation Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
    Lyes Mokraoui GIS Innovation Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

    We have decided to use XIn products after a short research made over the net. We have been looking into a robust lightware within our budget. Xin did fit our specifications. In addition it has an intuitive GUI and simple workflow implementation process. The support team knows the product well and nothing is too difficult for them to achieve. The software is using MS SQL Server (express) as a back RDBMS. This helps bigger organizations to expand the system to the full MS SQL Server full version if required. I would recommend this software as it is powerful and affordable. The team is always looking into helping the users.

  • Metro Trades, Sri Lanka
    Metro Trades, Sri Lanka Mim.Farook

    Good software. Easy to use and very helpful to my buisness.

  • Dicom Smart Solutions, India
    Jeevan More Dicom Smart Solutions, India

    Xin Inventory has completely changed the way I used to handle my sales and purchase. It is the best sales software. I love its interface which is easy to use and compact. The reports feature is very useful feature. Its like a mini ERP. Love it

  • Environmentally Safe Solutions, US
    Environmentally Safe Solutions, US Wm. Rosenberg

    I was very impressed By the quick turn around time on my questions. Having checked other programs, I find this to be most user-friendly. Also, the opportunity to do a trial run was very helpful in making my final decision.

  • Can't Resist LLC, US
    Debbie Borges Can't Resist LLC, US

    I searched for a long time to find software that would keep track of inventory along with customers and invoicing. I had Quick Books for many years and was terribly dissapointed in it. Xin was the only soft ware that had all the features I needed! I downloaded it easily, added my inventory and customer info and ...bam..ready to go! The only thing that has given me troble is customizing the invoice template. But Customer Service is fast and helpful...so I would give Xin a complete thumbs up!

  • West East General Trading L.L.C., United Arab Emirates
    West East General Trading L.L.C., United Arab Emirates Philip S. Grimes

    My company and me are absolutely happy with the program Xin Inventory 2.0 and all its functions and features. Since the program is not Microsoft Office based it takes time to find out, how things have to be done, but almost all demands our company has had towards an inventory and invoicing software were met. Especially the service including technical support for all kind of questions always within 24h should be mentioned here.

  • Hydrasync Group Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
    Eng Yoong Hydrasync Group Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

    Straight forward functions and integrates seamlessly between quotation invoices and delivery orders. Affordable pricing and above all, it just works.

  • Megastra Jaya Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
    Megastra Jaya Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Keith Wallace

    So far Xin Inventory has come closest to being the inventory software that I want for my manufacturing business, most are not well suited to the changes and variations of inventory and daily running but Xin Inventory has so far worked out well.

  • Premier Thai Lawyers, Thailand
    Mark Pearson Premier Thai Lawyers, Thailand

    Working in Thailand it is difficult to find a system that does Quotation -> Invoice -> Receipt without too many extras that cost a lot of money! Great program.

  • www.shopping-en-usa.com, US
    www.shopping-en-usa.com, US Alejandro Gutierrez


  • Kris Aero Services Pvt Ltd, India
    Juggal Kapadia Kris Aero Services Pvt Ltd, India

    Decent and simple software, great customer support , hope this software can evolve more for service oriented companies.

  • Lynch Material Handling Company, US
    Lynch Material Handling Company, US Mitchel Tendler

    I tested various quoting and invoicing solutions and was not impressed with any of them until I found yours. I am beyond impressed with your software.it's AWESOME! I highly recommend people download the trial and give it a shot.

  • Basket Glass Co., Turkey
    Gokhan ALTINAY Basket Glass Co., Turkey


  • Top Drawer Kitchens, New Zealand
    Top Drawer Kitchens, New Zealand Steve Grass

    First rate software! Easy to use, highly configurable templates and a responsive support team who act on your issues/suggestions. I've tried dozens of programs where you have to accept a compromise somewhere, but Xin Invoice is awesome!

  • Handyman Solutions, Australia
    Bob Halliday Handyman Solutions, Australia

    Your Xin Invoice software is fantastic and so is your support service .

  • Spero Trucking, US
    Spero Trucking, US Gerard

    After 20 years in business and a slave to the Books software and the outrageous pricing from them I had enough, I then turned to Xin and they where the right price and the software was just what I needed. A new satisfied customer, Thanks!

  • Tomaž Sokol, Slovenia
    megapiksel Tomaž Sokol, Slovenia

    The program is easy to use and it has the best price-value ratio. It makes me happy. The greater invoice I write, the happier I am. ;)

  • Gearat, Saudi Arabia
    Gearat, Saudi Arabia Mohammad Abdoh

    The software is user friendly and easy to use for beginners.

  • Kiddygifts, UK
    Stewart Lyons Kiddygifts, UK

    This product is just the program I need for my business. Easy to use no extra work with good looking invoices & delivery notes. Wish I had found it before.

  • NES Solutions Co. Ltd, Mauritius
    NES Solutions Co. Ltd, Mauritius Nasseeruddin Maunick

    While searching for an Invoicing software on the Web, i came across XinInvoice3.0 and downloaded its trial version for testing and made the right choice in buying it. I would surely recommend this program to someone else. In addition, the customer support is very responsive and was able to answer my question/queries to my satisfaction. Wishing u lots of success with your future developments and would be grateful to be kept informed about other products and updates.

  • Little Major Lawn Service, US
    Brian Acker Little Major Lawn Service, US

    I think its great its a simple program that keeps my small lawn care business organized in a inexpensive manner. Thanks xin

  • Skaggs Auto Parts, US
    Skaggs Auto Parts, US Tracy

    I am very happy to say: This program is so user-friendly and the staff is so very helpful.

  • Your Style Bathrooms, Australia
    Des Payet Your Style Bathrooms, Australia

    I been searching for quoting and invoicing software for sometime now and came across Xin Invoice on the internet. After a 5 day trail period I bought it this morning and so far am very happy with what it can do. Thank you

  • Netherlands
    Netherlands Carel van Weijen

    Great program! Very flexible and adaptable to personal preferences thanks to the template editor.

  • McGregor's Industrial Equipment Training, Canada
    Roger Mc. McGregor's Industrial Equipment Training, Canada

    I had a chance to use this software, and I am liking it thus far. It's clear, I was able to add my Logo and did not have to call for help yet. Thank you.

  • Rudy's Tree Service and Landscaping, US
    Rudy's Tree Service and Landscaping, US Rudy Espana

    i am Rudy Espana, i love this system and i will continue use it

  • Feltz Auto & Scrap, US
    Dustin Feltz Feltz Auto & Scrap, US

    I needed only invoice software for shipping out tires and rims, foreign and domestically, that not only looked good, but had a degree of customization that would easily allow me to change invoice formats between certain customers. I also didn't need $300+ in accounting software from most name-brands that now force you to buy those bundles, just to get their invoice programs, and also intentionally *break* some aspects of them as time progresses (such as emailing directly from the application). Xin was perfect for what I needed, came with a trial version that did NOT watermark your test invoices (first one out of seven invoicing programs I tried out), and was also affordable. Needless to say, I've been using this invoice software for almost five months now with no grievances, and plan to use them again in the future.

  • Kellogg International Inc. , US
    Kellogg International Inc. , US Lawrence Garbarek

    Have not figured out 100% of the alternatives but your program handles all important aspects of my keeping control over my business. Thank you.

  • Mydust Cleaning Services, US
    Tony Mydust Cleaning Services, US

    Outstanding service guys! It was a breeze doing business with you. Thanks a bunch.

  • Allatus, LLC., US
    Allatus, LLC., US Peter De Best

    So far this has been fantastic software.

  • GerAlt Development CC, South Africa
    Gert Duvenage GerAlt Development CC, South Africa

    I wish to congratulate you on a well thought out Invoice program. Practical, easy to use and based on the day to day operation of a small company, geared for flexibility. Well done !

  • Los Angeles, US
    Los Angeles, US Sean Frisbey

    Xin Invoice has so far been a very simple, easy-to-use program that has allowed me to get done what I need to get done. I was able to easily integrate my e-mail into it, and the templates were a snap to set up. Much better so far than the now-defunct Microsoft Office Accounting.

  • Color Zone, Saudi Arabia
    Faidi Abdulhadi Color Zone, Saudi Arabia

    The software is very powerful and easy to use and the video file is helping a lot to understand it and to work with it. also the support or replying my email was so active which will make me more satisfied to purchase it. my best regards to all the team

  • www.shopping-en-usa.com, Colombia
    www.shopping-en-usa.com, Colombia Alejandro Gutierrez

    I was looking for a software to generate quick and nice invoices for my company. i tried so many but it was just a wasted time doing that. at the end of the night i came across with Xin... well i downloaded it "trial version" and just with the first window showed up. i knew that this is exactly what i need. just Simple and EASY!! believe just easy. customers, quoatations, invoices, so easy to use and set in minutes. Nice templates. Just awesome. I´m from colombia and i sent a mail to xin support asking for spanish version after that they contacted me back saying if i could translate it to spanish! and i did! now i have my Xin invoice in spanish just awesome! Thanks so much for you Free License. Thanks God bless you Eliz!

  • ADT Engineering LTD, Cyprus
    Dimitris Themistocleous ADT Engineering LTD, Cyprus

    Thanks for that program. It's really helpful!

  • US
    US Pedro Arriaga

    I like your Software...Very easy to use and versatile...

  • Emerald Art Services, US
    Cris Drugan Emerald Art Services, US

    After researching a number of invoice software products, I chose XIN because of the number of features for the price. The software was easy to install and set up for my small business. I have been very happy.

  • InSphero AG, Germany
    InSphero AG, Germany Jan Lichtenberg

    Great software, easy to use and flexible. I would like to see a possibility to add comments to invoices and quotes for internal use. Excellent price-value ratio. Thanks, Jan

  • Redding Industries Inc., US
    Duane Redding Industries Inc., US

    We have found XIN to be a wonderful product with a great many uses above what our expectation was for such a modestly priced software.

  • Vision Technologies, India
    Vision Technologies, India Deepak Reddy, CEO

    In recent time i have not come cross like XINCUBE Software Simple and very economical prices ever expected, keeping going with many more updation that could boost ample of clients around the globe

  • Archer Targeted Communication, US
    Tammi L. Coles Archer Targeted Communication, US

    After reaching the limits of Excel, I scanned the software reviews for an application better-suited to my expanding client- and invoice-tracking needs. I certainly found that in Xin Cube's Invoice 3.0! The program is affordable, flexible, and yet rigorous enough to meet my expectations as a small business owner. I especially like the built-in template designer, which made it possible to match the specific billing language of the writing industry and my jurisdiction. Thank you very much for this product. Keep up the good work!

  • Feltz Auto & Scrap, US
    Feltz Auto & Scrap, US

    Awesome invoice software that gets the job done. Over-all, I am pleased with this find. Quickbooks used to offer a similar setup for a similar price, but then decided to cut it as a stand-alone. This product is great for those who really only need basic invoice software, but don't want to spend $100+ for it.

  • Central Otago Property Services (COPS), New Zealand
    Adrian Central Otago Property Services (COPS), New Zealand

    I have a business in Central Otago New Zealand. I find Xin invoice software easy to use and and it does all we need. I searched for other invoicing software and even the ones designed here in NZ for our GST didn't compare, most were complicated and needed considerable time to understand. Also I have had very prompt service when asking for advice.

  • US
    US Robert Russell

    Xin Invoice is a very easy to use and fully customizable product for a very reasonable price. I have looked at many invoicing programs, but most have certain limitations that make them useless for me. With Xin Invoice, I can customize my invoices exactly the way I need them. Keep up the Great Work

  • Origin Health Ltd, New Zealand
    Barry Origin Health Ltd, New Zealand

    Your program is outstanding, easy to use and you are able to personalise invoices, great feature, have tried many, but yours is hard to better.

  • The Gain Company, US
    The Gain Company, US Heidi

    Very nice! Easy to use and exactly what I was hoping to find. Thank you!

  • Martins Motor Sport, South Africa
    Gary Martins Martins Motor Sport, South Africa

    Great program. Thank you!

  • SkyTrack, India
    SkyTrack, India Nagendra

    One of the best software for generating Invoice and accounts related activity. It is simple to use.

  • Iteachu Computers, UK
    Trevor Watson Iteachu Computers, UK

    Was looking for a simple invoicing system for a customer starting a new business that she could manage herself. I came across Xin Invoice and couldn't believe how good it was for the small cost. We bought in version 2 and my customer loves it! I think when she sees the improvements in Version 3 she will instantly upgrade! Support is very good, very helpful and very quick. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a simple but effective invoicing system!

  • Anmol Enterprises, India
    Anmol Enterprises, India Anmol

    I took a trial of Xin invoice 3.0 and have purchased it 2 weeks back, and I must say it is a very thoughtfully designed software. It caters to most of the invoicing needs of a small/medium sized business (like ours). The thing I liked the most was the timely support which answers all your queries very patiently and the support team tries to help in every way they can. Like all other things, though it is a very well made software, it has some places for improvement and additions. Looking forward to see them soon. Keep up the good work! My best wishes to the team at Xin cube

  • Malaysia
    Steve Malaysia

    Was looking for a while for billing software and finally able to download and install Xin Invoice, Love it! Handy and simple to create quotation and invoice plus the fast response from the support team. Good job!

  • www.systemisecurity.com, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
    www.systemisecurity.com, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Giovanni Taurino

    Very good and quite complete product easy to set up and use. We are happy to have it.

  • www.defiantdigital.com, US
    Adam Fox www.defiantdigital.com, US

    I love the program and the price point good job.

  • CEO, Vicious Worx PC, US
    CEO, Vicious Worx PC, US Brent Lopez

    I was looking for a product for my company that could address all my needs without the bloated extras we won't use at a rediculous price. Xin Cube has met all my needs and was very easy to use and best of all only took 15 minutes to train my sales reps. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a powerful yet easy to use invoice platform.

  • Topcomputing, UK
    Simon Jones Topcomputing, UK

    It is nice to see a piece of software that actually does what it says it will do.

  • Singapore
    Singapore Chris Tan

    I'm satisfy with this invoice software. Fulfill my requirement. I've purchased version 2 and upgrade to version 3. Save my time to generate more sale rather than spending my time preparing quotations and invoices. Xin Invoice support is superb, response time super fast. They really spend time to solve my questions and issues.

  • Sheet Metal Stampers, India
    Syed Nizamudeen Sheet Metal Stampers, India

    Really a fantastic application that I use daily. I love the customised reports and the user interface is just neat n easy.the software pricing is also very much affordable.

  • West East Horse Tack, United Arab Emirates
    West East Horse Tack, United Arab Emirates Daniel Tombre

    Xin Invoice is a easy to use Invoice management software, and we haven't thought of changing it now since it is answering almost each of our requests as wholeseller in Dubai.

  • River Plate Transportation, US
    Ana Castro River Plate Transportation, US

    I love this program, everything is more fast for me.

  • Quality Toys, US
    Quality Toys, US Rachel Rubin

    We have tried the XIN invoice program and have bought it recently. We are extremely happy with their program. It is detailed, extremely intuitive, very simple to use but very customizable at the same time. We find it benefitting our company qualitytoys.com very much. Thank you.

  • Harmon Services, US
    Bill Harmon Harmon Services, US

    Enjoyed being able to design just what I needed!

  • Protostar India, India
    Protostar India, India Rohan Roy

    Best billing software for small as well as medium sized companies. Having almost all the important features like invoice & delivery note generator, automatic calculation, customized editing features, automatic invoice number generator. In one word much more capable than tally and very user friendly; i mean a 4 year child can also operate this. All the best "xin" team. Keep it up.

  • Norgeshus Asker, Norway
    Bjorn Johnsen Norgeshus Asker, Norway

    I think this is a very good software for me and my business. It was easy to adapt it to Norwegian conditions. It is made with modern computer programming. And it is very cheap to buy. I would definitely recommend it anyone who needs a simple but powerful tool.

  • Recarsal, Honduras
    Recarsal, Honduras Horacio Carcamo

    Great invoice software, easy to use and it came very effective to our business since we have more control and management of our sales.

  • Alpha PCB Inc, US
    Tom Bassias Alpha PCB Inc, US

    My old invoicing software needs replacing and I came across a few options. After trying a few invoicing softwares for 2 days I realized the others didn't stand a chance. Xin has been excellent in allowing me to customize the software to my needs whilst mailing professional looking invoicing/quoting.

  • Tote Boutique studio, Malaysia
    Tote Boutique studio, Malaysia Laila

    Xin Invoice is a very easy and user friendly software. The customer support also very supportive and any question or problem will be entertained fast (less than 24 hrs) .. Highly recommended.

  • Jim Baca Investigations, Pleasant Hill, CA, US
    Jim Baca Jim Baca Investigations, Pleasant Hill, CA, US

    This is a great software. You can't beat the price.

  • Extreme Seo Internet Solution, UK
    Extreme Seo Internet Solution, UK Sharanyan Sharma

    Two weeks ago Purchased Xincube 3.0 for our Accounting purpose. This is really incredible All in one Invoicing software that no one else has been able to beat! To say that we're happy with this Software and we're overjoyed! Highly Recommended Accounting software.

  • Shouki Electronics llc, United Arab Emirates
    Mehdi Tabesh Shouki Electronics llc, United Arab Emirates

    Xin invoice is easy to use and it has the best price-value ratio and its fantastic for Home and small Business.

  • US
    US Sam Conner

    Seems to work okay after I finally got a template created. Actually, it's a pretty decent program for the money!

  • SimplySigns, UK
    Dean Gray SimplySigns, UK

    We are very happy with the software!

  • Pyramis Technology, Barbados
    Pyramis Technology, Barbados Omar Clement

    Your software and support service are first class in the industry!

  • 3 Rivers Computer Solutions LLC , US
    James Garman 3 Rivers Computer Solutions LLC , US

    I love this product! I was using a access database before this, and it had a lot of problems with it. Then I was going to use quickbooks, but it was your product that i was really looking for. It is fantastic! I do have a future request to make. A send receipt function after a payment has been entered. It could be sent the same way invoices are, either printed and mailed, or emailed as an attachment. But for now, this product rocks!

  • Outrageous Fishing Charters, Australia
    Outrageous Fishing Charters, Australia Bill Hansen

    I have purchased your invoice program and have been using it for some time now, we find it easy to use and the switching between company invoices is quick and easy. I recommend this product to all my mates.

  • Joshi & Company, India
    Suraj Ranade Joshi & Company, India

    This is a very user friendly software. The user can define how to use it.

  • DNA Security Projects, Portugal
    DNA Security Projects, Portugal Joao Boarqueiro

    I had been looking for a invoicing software for years. Could never find anything that would be easy for me to use, until i pressed on the XIN Products link. I downloaded the program as atrial and automatically new that this invoicing program was designed for me. As i got to use it i found it more and more flexible and most important, how user friendly this invoicing program is. Then to top it up i needed some technical assistance due to a problem i had caused and i contacted XIN Products support.Within minutes the support staff mailed me and we made arrangements for a VNC. My problem was fixed in less than half hour. I need to congratulate the writes of this software and even more, the support team. Well done guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Luminous Technologies Ltd., UK
    William Cooper Luminous Technologies Ltd., UK

    Wish I had found this software years earlier.

  • Blairco Flooring, US
    Blairco Flooring, US Marcia

    So far it seems like the most sensible thing I have tried.

  • ANR y Cia. Ltda., Chile
    Alberto Neumann Ringeling ANR y Cia. Ltda., Chile


  • UAB 'UNI Verslas', Lithuania
    UAB "UNI Verslas", Lithuania Paulius

    It is very nice product for keeping inventory and invoicing client. I am happy that i got this program.

  • Delano Financial Services Limited, UK
    Delano Financial Services Limited, UK

    Xin Invoice 3.0 is an excellent product! User friendly and affordable, our first invoice covered the cost of purchase.

  • PqHost Intenet Services, US
    PqHost Intenet Services, US Patrick Carr

    I LOVE IT. It is the best invoice program ever. I bought in June Express Invoice and regretted it. I should have known better than use NCH software. I never found your program till now. One thing that would even add more to this is being able to sync with something like Dropbox

  • Kinematic Systems, South Africa
    Allan Woolnough Kinematic Systems, South Africa

    i found Xin Invoice to be great value for money. it's very easy to use, completely customisable and fulfils the needs of a small fast growing company liike ours.Our customers like the look and detail of the invoices we send them. the added inventory modules make everything just that bit better than competing products. Great stuff, keep up the development, looking forward to the next iteration.

  • Karolina travels Pvt Ltd, India
    Karolina travels Pvt Ltd, India Vipin Kumar

    I lost my product key due to system format same I written to support and the prompt response I got was amazing and fabulous .thanks for support team to solve my problem within 15 minutes.

  • The Computer Clinic, US
    Juan I Padilla The Computer Clinic, US

    I love xin it makes my life easy.

  • York Builders, US
    York Builders, US John M Pack, Jr.

    Xin Invoice has been a real help with my companies billing. It has a lot of features that are very nice for my contracting needs. don't know what I would do without it and I look forward to new releases to check out!

  • RT Mutiara Klasik, Malaysia
    Rizal Sukor RT Mutiara Klasik, Malaysia

    Xin Invoice is a great product and it help me very much.

  • BlueBonnetDesigns, United States
    BlueBonnetDesigns, United States Karen Atherholth

    As a small business, the Xin Invoice program has helped me get my billings out on time and quickly. The reporting features are great to show what has been paid or not. When I asked for some enhancements for my email template, I was given the utmost courtesy and consideration for the request. A couple of weeks later and the request was included. This is truly a customer service business who cares.

  • NEWEBS, Canada
    William Harrison NEWEBS, Canada

    Good program for the money for sure! Worth More!

  • Simple Solutions, Ireland
    Simple Solutions, Ireland John Guerin

    This is an excellent piece of software, very easy to use and do's what it says on the tin with great flexibility to tailor our exact invoice requirements.

  • Tritronic Electronics Limited, Jamaica
    Garfield Spence Tritronic Electronics Limited, Jamaica

    I am please to be a user of this simple yet professional XIN inventory software. I am now able to send quotes, invoices and purchase order with just a few click on the mouse/keyboard. The team at XIN setup my software for me online in only a few minutes. Thumbs up guys, i have been looking for a software like this for years and at such reasonable cost! Good job, great product.

  • Eleanor's Care Giving Services LLC, United States
    Eleanor's Care Giving Services LLC, United States Gene Stanley

    Great accounting program. Does exactly what I need it to.

  • Changzhou Junda Forging & Casting Co., Ltd., China
    Fisher Chen Changzhou Junda Forging & Casting Co., Ltd., China

    Xin Inventory 2.0 is quite great helpful software, which have helped me to save time and also afford customers high quality quotation sheet, clear and beautiful invoice report, delivery notes etc. This software would really help you to improve sales performance. Deserve to be recommended.

  • Trawellin, Georgia
    Trawellin, Georgia Vakhtang Meunargia

    Great Software, very simple to use, we've been using XIN INVOICE since 2011. the only problem was no Multi user. Now Xin Inventory 2. solved this problem. for this price XIN is simply the Best. And the most important, staff is great and very very helpfull.... Thank you

  • LORCH, Germany
    Karena LORCH, Germany

    I would like to thank you for the quick and very good support received! The programme can only be recommended - easy to use and unbeatable value for money. If questions come up - the support team immediately offers solutions and helps via team viewer. I would like to thank their whole team for the good co-operation received so far. Thank you.

  • DVMSound, United States
    DVMSound, United States Jon Perlis

    I run a mobile veterinary ultrasound business in Los Angeles and have found Xin Invoice 3.0 to be very useful. I can create professional invoices quickly. The program runs well on the little netbook that I carry on the road and when I had a question about using Xin with Dropbox the answer was supplied within minutes of my email!